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Find Out What Make Us Different

Higher Test Scores and Improved Academic Performance

EduApps system is proven to improve the scores of almost every student. Practice tests make mastering core skills simple and fun.

Proven Curriculum

EduApps is both content-based and test-based. This means that students can learn core skills, not just test-taking skills. Students learn to feel confident with the material, as well as with the testing format.

Choose Your Test Subject and Your Level

Students can choose the subject and the level at which they want to take the test.

Fun Competition Test

In addition to learning through tests, students can also play through competitions. EduApps provides a system called fun competition test in which students can compete with other students around the world to become the number 1 in certain subjects at a certain level.

Proven to Build Test-Taking Confidence

Taking standardized tests can be stressful for students, even if they do not understand the stakes. One of the greatest features of the EduApps system is that students are familiarized with the testing format before the actual test. Questions are presented in a format similar to state standardized tests. This helps students remain calm and do their best on test day. And with practice tests customized to each student, sharing answers is virtually impossible.

Access on PC, Phone or Tablet

EduApps is not a traditional test for which students need a paper, pencial, and appointed time. EduApps is a digital test that students can use anywhere, at any time, through their PC, laptops, phones, smartphones, or tablets using internet.

Incorporates Parental Involvement

Parents love EduApps system. Parent can see student progress reports and be involved in their child’s advancement. In fact, many parents use EduApps because they KNOW how beneficial it is!

Quick Registration & Easy to Use

EduApps system has been proven effective in numerous schools and districts.

Always Updated and No Software to Install

EduApps is updated constantly to reflect the ever-changing educational atmosphere. It undergoes continuous scrutiny by our team of master teachers and administrators, and is always current with state and national standards.

Detailed Student Reports

Designed to support all subject requirements at all levels, EduApps tracks progress with an initial diagnostic, as well as subsequent test scores, test reports, and individual documented analysis. Test results identify strong and weak subject areas, track student progress, and satisfy program reporting requirements. After test, the student can easily check the result and see thier world wide rank.

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